Privacy. It’s a hot topic and it’s going to get hotter.

With the exponential growth of data, privacy law changes and the advent of complex technologies that are making it easier to collect and process consumer information, data privacy has become a critical commercial issue.

The need to comply with stringent regulations coupled with the risk of having to shoulder hefty fines for non-compliance is forcing business enterprises and public agencies to invest in IT solutions that are designed to enhance the security and privacy of the data they hold while still allowing them to process such data as they see fit within the bounds of existing regulatory directives.

Data anonymisation and pseudonymisation have come to the forefront as viable technological measures that can significantly ease concerns on data privacy and protection.

Our whitepaper, The role of anonymisation and pseudonymisation in data privacy, defines these measures and looks at them in the light of evolving EU regulations. It also examines anonymisation in the context of test data masking and transferring to cloud services, and we provide an illustrative case study of these technical measures in practice.

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