Mastek Enables El Rancho to Optimize Business Efficiency with Oracle HCM and JDE ERP Integration

About El Rancho Supermercado

Since the start of its operations in 1988, El Rancho Supermercado has been delivering the taste of homemade food to Hispanics living in the US. They specialize in several varieties of good quality and fresh produce to their customers at discounted prices. With the motto, “Rancho for Life”, they strive to build long lasting relationships with their customers. They have 3,200 employees working in 32 stores spread across the country.

Product(s): Oracle HCM Cloud

Industry: Retail


El Rancho didn’t have any system to measure their employees’ performances and keep track of their goals and KPIs. This crucial information was maintained on Excel sheets which were difficult to monitor, update and share for further collaboration.

They relied on third-party vendors for different business processes and activities, as a result of which the required data was scattered in multiple systems.

El Rancho was looking for a system that enabled them to improve their employee engagement quotient. Additionally, they wanted to have an application that generates timely and intuitive reports to give them proper visibility over their store operations.


We added Oracle HCM Cloud to El Rancho’s IT infrastructure to improve their capabilities in employee recruitment, onboarding and retention processes. The implementation of Oracle Cloud solution suite gave them access to different modules enabling them to measure their employees’ performance through a dynamic and centralized system.  

With Oracle Learning, El Rancho was able to tailor personalized digital learning experiences for their employees in a secure manner and give them upskilling opportunities.  

We integrated El Rancho’s existing JD Edwards application with Oracle HCM Cloud empowering them to have a comprehensive view of the data in real-time. The integration established swift interoperability between the heterogenous systems and fetched data to be presented in an easy-to-understand manner and fuel data-driven decisions. The data covered several aspects such as employee demographics, work structure details, payment methods, salary details, pay slips, and more.  Oracle HCM also unified all the data sources for the organization, allowing them to generate the required reports in a timely manner and to further optimize the business processes.


With Oracle HCM Cloud, El Rancho was able to track its workforce’s and business’ goals closely and draft strategies in accordance to avoid misalignment. They can now design employee benefit programs to drive employee satisfaction across the entire organization. Also, the integrations enabled the administrators to improve accuracy in the whole process. The employees were able to have a clear view of the benefits of enrollment and complete the process with ease and efficiency.  
The availability of incidence reports within the Oracle Health and Safety module enabled El Rancho to boost employees’ health and safety quotient at different stores spread across the country.  

The tight integration between the JD Edwards application and Oracle HCM ensured that there was a smooth flow of data between the systems and detailed reports were generated that gave them store-level visibility.