Adaptive Logistics: The ‘Need’ of the future

In this webinar, Mastek’s Senior Test Manager Andrew Palmer shares his insights on emerging trends and new technologies that are making software testing more effective, in both Agile and Waterfall contexts. In addition, he explores how Test Managers, IT leaders and CIOs can better engage their testing specialists and help them to be more productive.

He explains that testers don’t like to talk about quality. Instead, they prefer to talk about value. By value, they mean efficiency (i.e. that a product has no defects), agility (i.e. that it can it be easily fixed or upgraded) and predictability (i.e. that you will get the value you are expecting).

He encourages organisations to view testers as critical friends within the team, as the user’s representative. They can then provide feedback and advise on how the product can be improved.

Andrew also explains the role of test automation – an area in which Mastek has award-winning expertise – and how it massively reduce costs and accelerates testing in support of Continuous Delivery.

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