How good design minimises test automation maintenance

Our whitepaper explains how well-designed test automation will help achieve your digital assurance goals.

Good test automation design reduces maintenance costs and maximises savings.

In adopting quicker development methods for the rapid delivery of applications, CXOs are placing greater importance on quality assurance and testing.

In order to meet the demand posed by this accelerated rate of software development, there is industry acknowledgment of the need to implement test automation across various testing phases for faster QA delivery.

However, creating and maintaining automated tests can come at a high cost. In order to keep maintenance costs to a minimum, it is vital to design your test automation framework well.

Our whitepaper, How good design minimises test automation maintenance, provides an understanding of:

  • The importance of test automation maintenance
  • How maintenance outweighs automation benefits in poorly designed frameworks
  • Design considerations for low maintenance automation frameworks and automated tests

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