Supply Chain Visibility is Business-critical in the On-demand Economy

Supply chain visibility, also known as Real-Time Transportation Visibility (RTTVP), is a top priority for retailers. RTTVP gives retailers end-to-end supply chain visibility through real-time insights into their orders and shipments.

These platforms are crucial because a limited supply chain can severely impact revenue and brand reputation. For example, in 2022, Old Navy (owned by Gap Inc.) reported that shipping delays left the company with excess products that consumers did not want to buy.

In response, Gap CEO Sonia Syngal said, “Reverting to a longer inventory push model not only diluted economic value but meant we were defining customer trends too early in the process and were unable to chase into the right fashion choices closer in.”

This shows that consumers’ purchasing decisions are directly linked to product availability at a specific point in time – retailers cannot ignore the economic consequences of supply chain failure.

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