Adaptive Logistics: The ‘Need’ of the future


DevOps processes and principles have gained wide acceptance across the industry, but the newer concept of DevSecOps is still only a buzzword to many. This is a lost opportunity given that accelerated adoption of DevSecOps is the answer to the Public Sector challenges of scale, security and the unprecedented demands of Covid-19.

In this webinar, Bruce Richardson (Mastek’s Principal DevOps consultant) will explain: 

  • Contrasting definitions of DevSecOps 
  • How DevSecOps refines operating models to support rapid changes and outcomes
  • The security risks and costs of not embracing DevSecOps 
  • Which definition of DevSecOps is most likely to deliver success 
  • How organisations with some existing DevOps culture can quickly transition to DevSecOps 
  • How organisations with little or no existing DevOps culture can develop a DevSecOps strategy

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The difference between what is.
And what could be.

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