About Anjali Sohoni, an inventor

Anjali has interdisciplinary skills in business analytics and agile IT deliveries, has made impactful contribution in establishing data science practise by steering analytics workshop for business communities in various verticals and imparted architectural best practices. She has extensive experience in leading IT teams for agile deliveries in complex enterprise system in a multi-vendor scenario. She has two patent pending to her credit in India. She will mentor new inventors for patent filing related activities.

"Intellectual property protection remains critical to fostering innovation and creativity in the creator economy. Intellectual property protection provides creators and innovators with exclusive rights to their ideas, promoting innovation and investment in research and development. It encourages fair competition and protects consumers from fraud. Intellectual property laws also provide a legal framework for resolving disputes and promoting efficient allocation of resources, driving economic growth and job creation."

Anjali's Key Engagemments

  • Led Mastek Innovation team comprising of data scientists, data enginers and cloud architects,in establishing AI practice by articulating of process for AI centric delivery.

  • Developed and delivered an innovative solution for improving the bill collections for clients, a large power distribution company.​ She has protected this innovative solution by filing patent application in India. US and UK patent filing is under process.

  • Developed and delivered an innovative solution for identifying fraudulent agents for a customer in microfinance industry. She has protected this innovative solution by filing patent application. US and UK patent filing is under process.

  • Data scientist for customer retention project for a leading mortgage provider in the UK. Solution involved survival analysis to predict customers at churn risk and suggest a corrective action.

  • Conducted data science hackathon and mentored participants to ensure relevance of their work in the context of customer’s business case  – UK based premium realty management firm.

  • Led customer analytics for a leading BFSI company to optimise customer lifetime value.

  • Consulted a project on optimizing strategy for digital channel shift for microfinance company.