DevOps Engineers

Job Description

DevOps is a culture, approach and set of practices of applying lean process improvement and automation to enable a flow of working software to its real users. This means looking across organization functions of Development and Operations that might previously have operated as separate silos. This person should create the ability to put the code into an operational state as quickly and easily as possible.

Must have skills

  • Through knowledge of Jenkins and pipeline using groovy scripts
  • In-depth knowledge of containerisation including Docker
  • In depth experience of Kubernetes
  • Basic Terraform scripting
  • Basic Knowledge and experience of working with AWS services


  • Ability to work closely with central dev ops, software developers, testers, and product owners
  • In this role, you’ll work collaboratively by following agile principles to deploy and operate application and supporting systems. Help the development team to automate and streamline operations and processes. Build and maintain tools for deployment, monitoring and operations and troubleshoot and resolve issues in our development, test and production environments.


  • Continuous delivery
  • Release and deployment management processes to ensure that applications can be packaged and deployed
  • That security is integral in code
  • Improve communication between development and ops
  • Automate the work flows
  • Automation of deployments