Action Hotels Partnered with Mastek to Integrate Financials, Purchasing, Projects, Sourcing & Contracts

About the Client

Action Hotels Company (AHC) is a leading owner, developer, and asset manager of a chain of branded three and four-star hotels across the Middle East and Australia. Established in 2005, AHC envisioned expanding their hotel chain from 11 to 17 hotels, thus providing a total of over 2,889 rooms by 2017.  Having strong relationships with leading international hotel operators and deliberate execution of a focused plan at potential-bearing locations, they envision becoming the largest midscale hotel brand in the Middle East and Australia.

Products: Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle EPM Cloud

Industry: Hospitality

We are feeling privileged to announce the Go-Live of Oracle Fusion Cloud Implementation at Action Hotels Ltd. which includes Fusion Financials, Purchasing, Projects, Sourcing & Contracts. Thank you to all, and especially the Mastek team with whom we have come so far and will require their ongoing support even further.

Murtuza Unchwaniwala, Finance Manager, Action Hotels Company

Project Summary

Mastek helped Action Hotels to adopt and implement a robust system that would help them successfully face and sustain the challenges of the upcoming digital era. 

We uploaded 12 months of trial balances to ensure that the organization always has its 2016- based benchmark reports to compare their monthly reporting with. The Mastek team helped them in filling data templates and offered validation and reconciliation support. Mastek team developed a scalable Oracle Cloud solution that would require no change even while integrating newer touchpoints.


  • Integration with heterogeneous systems: Having multiple hotels under its purview, integrating every hotel’s distinct base system (mainly Sun Systems and Oracle R12) with their distinct COA’s was an issue.   

  • Number of entities in scope: There were too many entities that required synchronization. Configuring their setup & Data Migration in a time-bound manner, not only for the owner’s legal entities but also for the hotels to ensure reporting for all was necessary.   

  • Change in the COA and mapping: There was no synchronization between the old and new COA’s as well as their mapping to the Trial Balances of various entities. 

  • Reconciliation of project’s data migration with trial balances: There was inconsistency in project costs due to data migration issues of the owning legal entity’s trial balances.  

  • Project budgeting: The usual budget division was done on the lines of the project span which AFC wanted to be changed to yearly budgetary control. 

  • Sourcing RFQ report: AFC required a specific RFQ report in the sourcing module whose software solution was uncommon, to say the least, even Oracle did not have one. 


  • Defining company hierarchy: As a solution to the multiple level consolidation requirements, we created a company segment hierarchy and initiated reporting ledgers at balance levels. This was done to showcase the actual level of consolidation. 

  • Robustness and scalability: We went with the generic approach for an integration solution, where the client can add any new system and the mapping could be done in the intermediate interface. This resulted in the system with a robust and scalable solution. 

  • Budget control: The overall project cost was reconciled and a report was created to fulfill the client’s requirement of yearly budget control. 

  • Document sequencing: We explored the limitations and applied the solution as per client requirements. We used the pattern looking at which they can identify the company transaction source and transaction voucher number.  

  • RFQ report: This report was a show stopper for the sourcing module and the client was even considering scrapping the module. Both the technical and functional teams worked tremendously well to develop this report as per client format and requirements and ensured client satisfaction. 

  • Post Go-live: We reconciled the project’s cost across the board and suggested the correction of entries that had to be passed after Go Live.


  • The consolidated, agile and centralized systems of the Action Hotel could now:

    • Autonomously process monthly consolidations, thereby reducing the chances of manual errors.

    • Provide automated approvals and notifications to help speed up business processes by reducing paperwork.

    • Implement project modules to enable the creation and configuration of KPIs (e.g., Budget Cost vs. Actual Cost) for various projects.

    • Take advantage of easy-to-use spreadsheet templates to upload historical data. Moreover, they now had the capability to work in the offline mode.

    • Reporting tools like Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting, Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence for management reporting, and Smart View for ad-hoc reporting flexibility to publish financial reports.

  • As the Trial Balances are now uploaded into Oracle Cloud through web service integration, it helped Action Hotels to improve their efficiency and accuracy.

  • Project's integration with the financial module helped to provide an audit trail of the related source transactions for the project cost.

  • The automated RFQ report replicated their manual report. It helped in executing their PO process seamlessly.

  • Inclusion of interactive business process videos within the solution ensured user convenience in learning the usage of the new system.

  • The organization's existing contracts templates have been replicated into the Fusion Contracts module which will have all their data available at a central location. Earlier, this was coming from 3 different documents.

  • Mastek team also provided them with DBA support to install, license, and configure their integration server.