Adaptive Logistics: The ‘Need’ of the future


Engage with the webinar to understand the capabilities of generative AI and how it will dictate the future of digital commerce.  

The session spearheaded by technology leaders – Hiral Chandrana – Global CEO, MastekDr. Mark Chrystal, CEO, Netail and Sunder Pillai, Director and Practice Leader Retail & CPG, Americas, ISG, throws some light on digital commerce and AI trends. It also revolved around how AI-powered competitive intelligence can enable businesses to improvize their sales potential, deliver delightful omnichannel customer experiences and enhance operational efficiency.  

The experts predicted that in the near future, AI will significantly influence every aspect of business operations. Some of those are 

  • Inventory Management – Utilize AI to plan your inventory better and eliminate the out-of-stock or overstocking situations.  

  • Supply Chain – With AI, optimize transportation costs by predicting the lead times and improving delivery operations.  

  • Fraud Detection – Use AI algorithms to identify fraudulent transactions and prevent revenue loss.  

  • Price Optimization – Work on price optimization strategies by analyzing market trends and customer behavior with AI.  

Watch the on-demand webinar to explore the future of AI and digital commerce.  

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