Arcadis Accelerates and Modernises its Compensation Review Cycle with Oracle HCM Cloud

About Arcadis

Arcadis is a global leader that delivers sustainable construction, engineering design, and consultancy solutions to its clients for their natural and built assets. Headquartered in Amsterdam, they currently have 350+ offices globally. As an organisation committed to creating more resilient communities, developing livable places, and enhancing mobility, Arcadis has been at the forefront of the industry transition to a net-zero world while improving the quality of life for everyone.

Product: Oracle HCM Cloud

Legacy system migration: Excel-based compensation sheets to Oracle Cloud

Industry: Construction & Engineering

Mastek’s project team was professional and friendly to interact with. Our teams worked very well together and were able to get to know each other on a bit of a personal level as we worked through open issues. The team was responsive to questions and issues as they arose and worked closely with Oracle to resolve open questions, keeping us updated along the way.

Melissa Lighthall, Global People Project Director, Digital People Solutions at Arcadis U.S., Inc.

Project Summary

Arcadis HR team needed to evolve its work structure to support the company’s growth strategy and become future-ready. They wanted to move away from coordinating their HR functions in Excel sheets and chose Oracle Cloud as the solution. Oracle Cloud offers comprehensive functionality, high performance, and flexible integration capabilities aligned to the requirements of Arcadis. Mastek was chosen as an implementation partner following our successful collaboration and delivery on past projects.

Business Challenges

  • The excel-sheets-based HR business processes were time-consuming and clunky, with no self-service capabilities or scalability options 

  • Processes gave rise to inherent risks of data loss and errors, particularly during promotion cycles when excel sheets were passed between multiple stakeholders    

  • A complete lack of visibility on promotion cycle progression across departments, offices, and locations   

  • Unavailability of real-time data and insights on salaries and award allocation to employees or departments 

  • Difficulty managing Arcadis’ growth complexity as its compensation module was not aligned with current industry best practices

Solution and Implementation

​​​​​Oracle Cloud Compensation Management module (part of Oracle HCM Cloud) was implemented for Arcadis’ North America and Australia regions: 

  • The Arcadis team documented requirements in an RTM (Requirement Traceability Matrix) format. Mastek followed concepts used by Arcadis for implementation, viz, validation, critical user training, user acceptance testing, and post-go-live support 

  • 8 weeks of Post Go-Live Support (PGLS) provided to Arcadis’ Oracle Cloud Project Management team  

  • Arcadis opted for CES (Cloud Enhancement Solution) services – Mastek’s version of Oracle Cloud Managed Services – for the maintenance and management of its Oracle Cloud investments to achieve improved operations; quicker and more cost-effective processes


Business Benefits

  • Real-time budget modelling, targets and revenue allocation led to enhanced employee performance management processes 

  • Arcadis HR attracted 'precise' talent with insightful development of jobs and compensation structures in line with market requirements and industry best practices 

  • Reports generated through compensation and awards management empowered managers and HR administration to award salary increments and discretionary bonuses to eligible recipients 

  • Reduced manual efforts and time spent on excel updates, follow-ups and new salary uploads after appraisal and/or promotion cycles 

  • Updated documentation enabled 360-degree transparency within Arcadis’ work fabric

Value Addition by Team Mastek

  • In-depth knowledge of Compensation and HCM modules and the relevant expertise to develop the required customisations ensured on-point delivery and implementation. 

  • Mastek’s bespoke training for ‘Super Users’ helped team Arcadis quickly understand the solution and its optimal usage.