Data Virtualisation on-demand webinar

Watch this webinar to learn why Data Virtualisation is the only agile data delivery platform

This webinar will give you an overview of how Data Virtualisation provides the answer to your data integration challenges, unlocking data value for your business while saving you time and money.

Mastek’s Ashish Joshi is joined by Becky Smith from our partner Denodo, leaders in Data Virtualisation. Together, they: 

  • provide a definition of Data Virtualisation
  • summarise how Data Virtualisation is the latest advancement in the evolution of data analysis approaches
  • explain why Data Virtualisation is needed
  • give an overview of current data integration challenges and how Data Virtualisation solves them
  • demonstrate how Data Virtualisation saves time and money for organisations 

In addition, the webinar provides some Data Virtualisation use cases, describes best practices and offers an illustrative case study of a successful Data Virtualisation implementation.

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