Adaptive Logistics: The ‘Need’ of the future

Almost all organisations recognise digital transformation to be a challenge of critical importance. However, they struggle with planning and implementing the cultural and technological changes that are required.

In this webinar, Gordon Cullum and Chandrakant Deshmukh provide an overview of Mastek’s structured, repeatable approach to digital transformation, proven again and again with our customers, including financial services provider, Together.

As Gordon explains, Mastek supported Together through applying our structured transformation approach, offering expert insight, solution design and delivery support. The outcomes for Together were 150% growth in four years and the achievement of a 95% satisfaction rating from users of its new broker portal. 

The webinar covers the key elements of a successful digital transformation, including: a clear strategy; leadership buy-in; an organisation-wide capability assessment; the addressing of skills gaps; the integration of the digital strategy across the whole organisation; and all this co-ordinated through robust, incremental change management.

Gordon and Chandrakant then go on to set out the six steps of Mastek’s structured approach to digital transformation, exploring each in more detail:

  • Business Model Transformation
  • Stakeholder Touchpoints Transformation
  • Service Redesign
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Data Management
  • Transformation Embedment

Watch the Webinar