Adaptive Logistics: The ‘Need’ of the future

When you opt for technology-led business transformation, achieving its true effectiveness involves all aspects of your business processes – the back end, the front end and everything in between. Using a connected enterprise strategy for insightful planning, controlled financials, user-friendly supply chain, allows a business to harmonise people, technology and operations while facilitating a deeper level of collaboration, which is a necessity for future-ready businesses.

Mike Pearson, from the Link Group, an award-winning social enterprise company and a coveted Mastek client, recently implemented Oracle Cloud to modernise its financials. Mike, shared insights from their transformation journey, including prerequisites, challenges and lessons, and their experience with the Mastek team and the solution.

The below topics were discussed:

  • Digital transformation driven by data gathering to ensure better decision making
  • Integration of various Cloud Solutions and their collaborative effects
  • Learn how “Link Group” working with Mastek addressed their data challenges
  • Insightful discussion including future road map as to how EPM might support sustainable initiatives

This discussion will help you gain a bird’s eye view of the achievables’ and nuances of this time, effort and investment-centric decision.

Watch this webinar, where you can also hear from Mastek & Oracle experts as they help you understand the capability, usability and implementation scope of these solutions, and how this may be applied to your industry.

Watch the Webinar