UK-based NHS adopts a unified set of collaboration tooling to increase productivity, efficiency and consistency across T&T

Mastek helped the organization fast-track the resolution of certain use cases to improve customer solutions. We leveraged our experience in implementing and automating DevSecOps processes for various applications, reducing 75% of the lead time for the customer.

About the Client

The UK NHS Test & Trace programme was established in March 2020 to manage the emerging Covid-19 Pandemic.

With tracing contacts a vital part of containing the pandemic nationally and globally.

Capability has been delivered that has enabled the department to achieve 200K+ tests in a day and tracing contacts. However, the requirements and priorities are rapidly and constantly changing amidst an evolving public health and political landscape.


  • To create the infrastructure quickly for Covid Test and Trace.

  • Inconsistent approach for security, and information governance & Manual Infrastructure Provisioning.

  • Lack of flexibility and scalability due to CloudFormation.

  • Lack of effective team collaboration as information was not easily shared.

  • Longer lead time due to runtime configurations​.

  • Service downtime while incremental deployments.

  • Use of expensive Amazon CIS hardened images due to Lack of capability to build custom images.

  • No Cost Optimization in place.


  • Leveraging DevOps platform based on GitHub & AWS Pipelines.​
  • Migrated from CloudFormation to Terraform (IaC) that resulting into more flexible IaC capabilities.​
  • Implemented the pipeline to use pre-built the AMIs using Packer, with automated security checks.​
  • Implemented immutable infrastructure , thus eliminating the risks of partial upgrades and patches.
  • Implemented collaborative culture for editing documents (live), to support team chat, planning/reporting and general team working.​


  • 75% reduction in lead time due to pre-built AMIs. 

  • Zero Downtime Deployments. 

  • Huge cost savings due to closely monitoring of resource utilization​.

  •  Unified set of collaboration tooling to increase productivity, efficiency and consistency across T&T.