UEM Edgenta, Malaysia Transforms its Recruitment Process by Migrating from Oracle Taleo to Oracle Recruiting Cloud

About UEM Edgenta

UEM Edgenta is part of UEM Group and is the leading Asset Management and Infrastructure Solutions company in the region. They are publicly listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad. Their expertise and suite of services cover Expressways and Rail, including project management & engineering design capabilities via Opus Consultants. They have offices and operate out of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, India, and the United Arab Emirates.

They are primarily focused on human capital development while they put emphasis on productivity and efficiency. They are keen on recruiting and retaining the best minds and inspiring them to reach their full potential. They ensure that they provide world-class service to their clients and partners and to the team of their talented personnel. 

Products: Oracle Recruiting Cloud, Oracle Digital Assistant

Industry: Construction & Engineering

Business Objectives

UEM Edgenta initially used to run its recruitment processes on Oracle Taleo. Soon, they recognized the need for an agile HR system to retain talent and respond swiftly to the ever-evolving workforce needs. They believe that recruiting and retaining the best talent would ensure that their clients and partners would receive a best-in-class experience. Also, they needed to have a system that could provide them with a bird’s eye view of their operations and employees to make informed business decisions and strategies.

Therefore, UEM Edgenta’s first course of action was to modernize its recruitment process by simplifying the recruitment journey and improving the candidate’s onboarding experience. Secondly, they wanted to increase and maximize the system adoption, in order to successfully digitize the HR processes across the organization.


  • UEM Edgenta underwent a rapid migration from Oracle Taleo to Oracle Recruiting Cloud (ORC) in 14 weeks.  

  • We collaborated with the UEM Edgenta’s team to finalize and approve the recruitment process including preboarding and onboarding processes.

  • Job boards like LinkedIn and JobStreet were integrated with the newly migrated system. This integration ensured that they utilized their Career Site optimally which would automatically update their key sources of Talent. The integration helps to eliminate manual steps to post and revoke vacancies on job boards.

  • UEM Edgenta leveraged all standard integrations such as Office 365 Calendar, eQuest, Google Maps, LinkedIn, and Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA).

  • By leveraging ODA's Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning offering, we streamlined the user experience to engage with ORC and Core HR modules in simple utterances with no more than a 3-step conversation flow.

Business Benefits

  • With the smooth transition from Taleo to Oracle Recruiting, UEM Edgenta now has a simplified recruitment journey with enhanced candidate experience in a rebranded career site wherein the job application process is simplified. The candidate is not required to create an account when applying for a job.

  • Real-time integration from ORC to Core HR provides them with a clear and accurate view of all transactional data in Oracle Cloud.

  • Due to the well-defined master data management process, UEM Edgenta now has one single source of truth from Oracle HCM Cloud.

  • We transformed employees' onboarding experience from manual checklists and emails using Oracle Journeys.

  • Introduced Talent Community features where candidates could deposit their CV in the event there is no matching job to their expertise and subscribe to the mailing list for newly posted vacancies.

  • Implementing Oracle Digital Assistant improved candidate experience. It enabled external candidates to easily search for a job, apply for a job, withdraw their job application, and join the Talent Community.

Value Addition

  • Our team provided business process consulting throughout the project implementation. We ensured the complete setup and adoption of critical processes like Offer Management and Onboarding, which the client was not using earlier on Taleo.

  • We retrieved data from the existing Core HR setup and brainstormed with the UEM Edgenta team around the reporting requirements, thereby developing Recruitment and Candidate trackers.

  • We simplified the existing business reporting methods by developing comprehensive Report Trackers. All manual trackers were replaced by the automated system.

  • We implemented online secured offer letters and offer acceptance, streamlining their processes and system. For instance, we were able to reduce 17 offer letter templates to 7, simplifying their Offer Management process by leveraging the ORC's Offer Letter Template creation tools (BI Publisher).