Leading Telecom Group in Southeast Asia Reduces Data Loading Cycle Time and Automates Cost Allocation

About the Client

The client is one of the major telecom providers in Indonesia. They also offer broadband internet services, fiber optic communication, fixed telecom and multimedia. In 2020, they had more than 60 million subscribers with a market share of 16%.

Products: Oracle EPM Cloud, Oracle Analytics Cloud, Oracle APEX

Services: SAP to Oracle Cloud Migration

Industry: Telecom

Business Objectives

The client’s prime objective was to have an automated Cost and Profitability Management system to determine cost allocation and probability across their business segment, regions and sites. Additionally, they were looking to integrate multiple data sources and simplify their approval cycle and attain a single source of truth.


  • Since they were using Hadoop as their primary driver for the data source, we first had to perform file-based integrations to ensure seamless migration to the new data. This also involved multiple validations to ensure zero data discrepancy and resolve any sort of duplication of preliminary records.
  • We ensured maintaining separate hierarchies for the cost allocation and for the report generation, as required by the client in their scope. However, we had to reconcile these two hierarchies to generate a consolidated report for the business.
  • We also implemented Oracle APEX solution to maintain the dimensions survey. Using this, the user can log in to the system and enter their details. We enabled features like bulk upload, single row insertion or update to maintain the dimension sanctity. We also kept validations in place ensuring that the data entered meets all the system requirements, eliminating information and data duplication.
  • Oracle APEX solution was required to ensure that accurate dimension data is integrated with the Oracle PBCS (Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service), where the entire General Ledger (GL) data and the driver data are reviewed before they are approved and updated in the Oracle PCMCS (Profitability and Cost Management Cloud Service) for the segment, regional and site-level allocations.
  • The diagram below shows the simplified solution architecture of the implementation.


Solution Architecture

Business Benefits

  • Costing Cycle timeframe has been reduced drastically. Before this solution, they calculated site-level profitability on a quarterly basis, which currently is a monthly process.
  • With the new automated system, they now have greater insight into their profitability and costs within their key business dimensions segregated into segments, region and sites.
  • They are also able to identify the fundamental cost drivers through analytical reports and make informed strategic decisions required for their growth plans.
  • By leveraging the What-if analysis they could now further optimize their cost allocation process.
  • With the single integrated system, they were able to drive accountability and transparency in their business functions.