One of the Largest Manufacturers in the USA Fostered a Data-driven Culture with Oracle Analytics Cloud and Mastek

About the Client

Headquartered in Everett Washington, the manufacturer is one of the biggest industrial technology conglomerates. When the organization attained its independent corporation status, it quickly found its place in the top S&P 500 companies. The business is known for enabling its customers to offer a range of innovative solutions. The brand believes in fostering an inclusive work culture and driving environmental sustainability in its regular operations. It accelerates transformation across a broad range of applications including environmental, health and safety compliance, industrial condition monitoring, next-generation product design, and healthcare safety solutions.

Products: Oracle Analytics Cloud, Oracle Application Express, Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse, Oracle Autonomous Datawarehouse, Oracle Data Integrator Marketplace

Industry: Manufacturing


The manufacturer’s existing systems couldn’t produce brief reports because of extensive dependency on third-party systems to get access to data. The absence of a centralized data warehouse played a significant role in keeping business leaders from making data-driven decisions. Also, as the data was being collected from several third-party applications other concerns such as data security, integrity, consistency and confidentiality started surfacing as well. The dependency on third-party systems for data resulted in the requirement of manual intervention increasing the associated costs, efforts and possibilities of errors.


We implemented Oracle Analytics Cloud which helped the manufacturer manage the entire data analytics process from a single platform. We created an environment to enable them to conclude data ingestion, modeling, preparation, enrichment, visualization and collaboration processes whilst adhering to their industry regulations and compliance requirements. Oracle Autonomous Datawarehouse enabled the employees to rapidly and easily analyze data irrespective of its size and type. With Oracle Application Express now included in their IT ecosystem, the workforce is able to develop critical and reliable applications in accordance to the existing workflows and processes. 


The solution is powered by a leading technology solution provider - Oracle Cloud Applications and hence there are regular updates and patches which keep the data theft concerns at bay. Also, the availability of robust security controls allows the company to define user access rights and roles and add an extra layer to data security. The data is refreshed automatically at the given time enabling the resources to get access to the updated information to craft correct strategies. The availability of intuitive reports and customized dashboard allowed their workforce to have comprehensive insights into every operation and process. The prebuilt metrics and KPIs enabled the business to closely track their employees’ performance and suggest a scope of improvement if required. As the data is now fetched from a centralized warehouse the support and maintenance costs for third-party applications are eliminated and the data processing time is saved leading to quick decisions and quality outcomes.