Shaner Hotel Group Undergoes PeopleSoft to Oracle HCM Cloud Transformation for High-Potential Workforce and Future-Ready Business

Shaner Hotel Group is a prominent hotel developer, owner, and operator in the global hospitality industry. They wanted to migrate their HCM and ERP modules from PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud with the objectives to reduce costs, adopt and benefit from best-in-class technology, and increase ROI. Read more to know how Mastek accelerated Shaner’s cloud transformation journey.

About the Client

Shaner Hotel Group is a prominent hotel developer, owner, and operator in the global hospitality industry. The company was formed in 1970 when Lance Shaner, and his brother Fred Shaner, began investing in real estate. Today, they are regarded for their rich tradition of high-quality hotel management services and dedication to meet the comprehensive and complex requirements of their customers. 


  • Shaner had been using the on-premise PeopleSoft applications for over 10 years that had a severe impact on its change management. 

  • They used multiple applications to gather data from various sources. Due to this, it was difficult to maintain accuracy and authenticity levels.  

  • They had around 180 entities with different policies and processes. The key challenge was the multi-state implementation of policies, such as absence, taxation, and benefits. 


  • With Mastek Glide, we efficiently migrated Shaner’s on-prem PeopleSoft operations to Oracle HCM Cloud to sort data, achieve better clarity, and improve understanding of the end-solution 

  • Once the application was fully configured, we also trained super users for it 

  • In the initial weeks of the post-live, Mastek provided support to the Shaner team as they became acquainted with the application


  • With a central application for managing all of the HR functions, the overall turnaround and throughput for HR, benefits, and payroll were increased significantly 

  • The Oracle Cloud implementation ensured a smooth transfer of all information to the payroll module for payroll processing 

  • The Oracle Core HR module helped Shaner maintain all staff information, assignments, personal information, including secondary job codes and rates, all in one centralized system 

  • We also automated the complex payroll calculations in line with federal and state rules, including tips adjustment, overtime calculation (7(i) exemption), NRA taxation, etc.