Adaptive Logistics: The ‘Need’ of the future

In this webinar, Mastek’s Ravi Salunkhe and Percy Hilloo explore the testing challenges faced in today’s IT organisations and a range of opportunities to improve the quality and time/cost efficiency of your testing.

Many organisations still struggle with the challenges inherent in a predominantly manual approach to testing, including delayed time to market, high overall costs, delayed revenue and a negative impact on brand value due to defective products and services.

There is wide recognition of the emerging need for organisations to shift towards continuous quality and continuous delivery through test automation. The benefits to organisations are compelling, including improved time to market, substantial cost savings and a higher quality of output.

Ravi explains how Mastek supports organisations to exploit these new opportunities in testing and illustrates this through our work with Specsavers, an engagement which won a 2018 European Software Testing Award in the category of Function Automation.

Watch the Webinar