Volteo Edge Helps Verra Mobility Achieve 5% Topline Revenue Improvement and 250% in their Overall ROI

Business Context

EDGE–led capabilities can provide businesses with affordable, reliable, fundamentally transformative solutions to their traditional and emerging business problems.

Learn how Volteo Edge’s (a Mastek collaboration) ability to realize Edge Intelligence with its IoT offerings, the heart of the Connected Enterprise, has enabled Verra Mobility to monitor revenue-generating equipment to ensure faults are quickly detected and corrected.  

Verra Mobility is a global leader in smart mobility technology. They provide integrated technology to manage tolls, violations and vehicle registrations for commercial customers – rental car companies, fleet management companies and large fleet operators.  

The Situation

Volteo Edge partnered with Verra Mobility to address its asset(cameras) manageability  

Verra Mobility provides traffic monitoring systems that detect safety-related violations (e.g., speeding and red light running) and capture images documenting violations. Their customers, on receiving documentation, issue citations. However, the traffic monitoring systems that failed were unable to detect violations, with significant revenue implications.   

Dispatching technicians to manually monitor systems' health was prohibitively expensive. But, without health monitoring, failures might not be detected for extended periods, with significant revenue and safety impacts for their customers. The only way to ensure rapid detection and correction of such failures was through intelligence at the edge.  

The Solution

Intelligence at the edge ensured faultless and flawless continuity of Verra’s camera feeds   

Volteo Edge provided Verra Mobility ‘smart’ monitoring solutions that, once installed in their traffic monitoring systems, coupled with Volteo Edge’s IoT Infrastructure - could detect and report faults, facilitate down-the-wire corrective actions when possible, and, when necessary, accelerate repairs by ensuring technicians arrive with the right parts.  

Volteo Edge edge analytics also ensures that captured images meet Verra’s customers’ standards for issuing citations. Edge Intelligence verifies that images are properly exposed (e.g., are strobes functioning and properly timed and aimed), that key items (e.g., driver’s face and license plate) are captured, that the image is unobstructed, etc.; a set of quality control functions that had required a team of 14 people. Now, such issues are detected when the picture is taken to immediately alert Verra Mobility to take corrective action.  

This has helped them to ensure:  

  • Their cameras are focused, targeted, and unobscured.  

  • Redundant alerts are eliminated. 

  • When required - appropriate CSM workflows are triggered at Service Now for necessary on-field support.  

  • The technician arrives with the right spare parts – helping save on time and energy spent.   

  • Delivery of enhanced customer experience and vendor services while achieving intelligent monitoring of revenue-generating assets  

The Result

A self-monitored and micro-managed traffic monitoring system 

Before partnering with Volteo Edge, failed traffic monitoring systems might go unnoticed for days or even weeks. With Volteo Edge’s instrumentation  

  • The mean time to detect has been reduced to minutes, and many repairs can be accomplished down the wire (e.g., rebooting).   

  • Verra Mobility achieved 5% topline revenue improvement and 250% overall ROI in the first year. 

For the first deployment, in a city that averages 60,000 violations per day with multiple images per violation - Volteo Edge’s solution relays over 100 alerts per day to Verra that would otherwise have been missed. The 14 people who had been tasked with image quality control were reassigned to more productive work. Due to its effectiveness, the solution is set to be expanded to Vera Mobility’s newly acquired business entities and customers as well.