A USA-based retailer switched to Salesforce with Mastek

The Client

The client, established in 1901, is the leading retailer of men’s and women’s plus-sized clothing in North America. Over the years, it has acquired several plus-size apparel brands and developed an online marketplace offering a curated collection of styles from renowned brands. 

Setting the Context

Flexibility and omnichannel experiences are the two significant factors that contribute to the success of any retail chain. Traditional systems keep retailers from weaving these two attributes into their services, making it paramount for modern businesses to switch to scalable commerce platforms such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud.  

Mastek decomplexed cloud transformation for the pioneer retailer, enabling them to replace their legacy solutions with Salesforce Commerce Cloud and unify global shopping experiences.  

The Challenges

Need to deliver best-in-class and omnichannel shopping experiences  

The retailer wanted to create frictionless global shopping experiences for its valued customers.  

  • High cost, operational complexity and technical debt of managing multiple e-commerce sites of different brands. 

  • Allow users to curate their ideal shopping experience by choosing products from different brands and seamlessly purchasing them via unified order checkout. 

  • Upgrade from Site Genesis to SFRA Architecture without causing major disruptions to their existing operations.  

The Solution

Mastek, a Summit-level Salesforce Integration partner, orchestrated the smooth migration of different brand websites from an archaic IT structure to a robust Salesforce platform by developing custom codes.  

  • In pursuit of frictionless commerce, we introduced the Universal Cart functionality. This innovation empowers users to enjoy a unified shopping experience across brands, consolidating their selections into a shared basket. This not only simplifies the purchasing process but also creates a cohesive journey, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction. 

  • We embarked on a phased journey to modernize the web application, transitioning the browse pages from SiteGenesis to the more advanced SFRA architecture. This meticulous approach resulted in significant enhancements to site performance, elevating user experiences and ensuring a seamless browsing journey for your customers. 

  • Configured OCAPI and implemented tailored OCAPI hooks to create a fluid connection, enhancing the user experience on the mobile app.  

  • Integrated with multiple third-party systems like TrueFit, TurnTo, Adobe recommendations, SMS Vibes, Global-E, bloom reach, Breads, Rewards and Loyalty programs to deliver personalized experiences. 

  • Enhanced user convenience by enabling customers to effortlessly log in using their Apple, Google, and Facebook accounts. This streamlined approach not only simplifies the authentication process but also provides a frictionless and secure login experience. 

  • Streamlined continuous integration process via cutting edge deployment practices. 

  • Delivered round-the-clock support and guidance to prepare the online store for the holiday season. 

The Outcome

We assisted the client in realizing their business objectives swiftly by guiding them to move to the Salesforce Commerce Cloud.   

With Mastek as its Salesforce Cloud implementation partner, the client was able to achieve the following benefits:  

  • Unification of multiple brand sites onto a single platform. This strategic move translated into significant cost savings while laying the groundwork for enhanced performance, scalability, and future growth possibilities.  

  • Over the past three years, we have seamlessly navigated the high-demand periods of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the holiday season without a single instance of downtime. This unwavering reliability ensured optimal sales performance and continuous availability, bolstering the brand's reputation and maximizing revenue potential. 

  • Improved overall customer experience by adapting and enforcing the engineering best practices for speed and performance.