Using RPA to drive savings and improve critical relationships

Intelligent Automation allows organisation to streamline business process to seize opportunities and manage risk.

The benefits of RPA are not always easy to achieve but successful outcomes are essential to supporting business goals. We have already helped our clients to integrate RPA into their business roadmap and to:

  • Build an Intelligent Automation roadmap and determine the role of RPA
  • Define business process across the organisation
  • Invest in Automation Centres of Excellence for governance, training and change management
  • Ensure cross-functional collaboration across business, IT and security  

About Client

Our client, a global business conglomerate, wanted to use RPA to drive savings and improve critical relationships with suppliers. Their Intelligent Automation roadmap now allows them to develop creative and responsive solutions in a highly competitive marketplace.


  • Purchasing staff needed to be freed up to spend less time on routine work  
  • It was critical to Introduce in Purchasing, to test how RPA could provide a competitive edge
  • The need to prove value to stakeholders and engage employees in the transformation


  • Implementing UIPath 
  • Establishing an RPA Centre of Excellence, co-owned by Business and IT
  • Delivering the RPA journey across six business units
  • Transferring planning, implementation and deployment into the hands of employees


  • Set up a centralised control centre to rollout 13 Robots  
  • Identified over 50 processes for their roadmap
  • Started to use cognitive automation



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