What I Didn’t Know, I Didn’t Know About S/4HANA Vlog 4

Considering a move from SAP to Oracle cloud? Know why the procurement team is your silent warrior

Episode 4 - What I Didn't Know, I Didn't Know About S/4HANA


Procurement is one topic that has often been discussed in tech circles but being a dry subject, it has never evoked the same excitement as perhaps the other affiliated activities related to technology. However procurement has always remained a silent warrior. Because of this, it is important to understand that the SAP procurement process requires several steps and processes. It includes SKUs needed while migrating from ECC to S/4 HANA; SAP licensing; and SAP subscriptions; along with SAP support parameters; SAP database; and SAP infrastructure requirements. All these necessitate a greater role being played by your procurement team and are key for your digital transformation strategy and journey.


Martyn Hope

VP Business Acceleration, Mastek

Tatiana Artahona

Ex-global ERP Strategy & Transformation Manager at a Global Telco business


In this latest episode, Martyn Hope, VP, Business Acceleration, Mastek is joined by our guest speaker, Tatiana Artahona, ex-global ERP Strategy & Transformation Manager at a global telco business, discusses the importance of the procurement team and the role it plays in any reimplementation programs and digital transformation strategy. Any new technology whilst being absorbed by the organization requires a lot of documentation, technical, contractual, and legal procedures. All these the procurement team must investigate. Plus, costs like CapEx and OpEx must be taken into consideration. These long-term evaluations combined with other contractual obligations, vendor capabilities, and future technological need forecasts pose a formidable challenge to any organization, and hence the role that procurement plays can never be undermined. Hope and Artahona discuss all these problems faced by most organizations and how to overcome them.