Continuously improve engagement within your enterprise

Mastek’s engagement platform serves all your business needs and provides end-to-end communication capabilities for providing and controlling services concerning diverse stakeholders, both internally and externally.

Self-service portal

All types of stakeholders (including Citizens/Residents/ Businesses/ Councilors/ Patients/ Students) can access organizational services and will be able to request, report, make payments and raise complaints through this tool.

Customer relationship management

Staff members can efficiently work on notified cases. Microsoft engagement solution is automated to reduce manual errors and provide quick turn-around time. It is configured to provide consolidated, accurate information on the cases, along with a single version of truth with comprehensive reporting capabilities.

The need for Microsoft engagement

  • Unsatisfactory stakeholder experience

  • Inefficient data insights and reporting

  • Limited exposure to various channels of engagement

  • Escalating support costs for legacy platform and risk of failure with limited in-house expertise

  • Difficulty gaining actionable insights

Why Mastek?

Certified Microsoft Azure and Bizapps consultants
Extensive experience across industries
Proven track record of successful projects

Why Choose Mastek for Oracle Cloud Applications?

Value Based Delivery

  • With our Value-Based Delivery (VBD) framework, you can continue to focus on measuring and monitoring ROI for which your Oracle Cloud Applications were implemented.

  • Mastek Glide program entails a faster and more efficient way of moving from on-premise to cloud.

  • With our Value-Based Analytics, you can monitor and measure the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across the implementation phases and post-implementation.

Managed services

  • Mastek Application Enhancement Services (AES) helps with regular app upgrades, reduces the cost of running Oracle applications, and assures 2.4X ROI, ensuring you get the most out of your Oracle Applications.

  • Our enhancement support services help in process improvements so that you achieve the true value of your Oracle investment with continuous agile service management.

Services Overview

Building Trust

Building Trust


Microsoft Engagement benefits

ServiceNow Analytics and Reporting

Modern, scalable & future-proof solution that can adapt to evolving requirements and future-proof business operations.

ServiceNow Accelerators

It enables self-service capabilities while maintaining necessary approvals and governance controls.

ServiceNow Accelerators

Delivers personalized experiences to engage stakeholders in secure, individualized encounters through every point of interaction.

ServiceNow Analytics and Reporting

Connect, engage, and efficiently manage your organization’s workforce with tools that provide the best possible service.

ServiceNow Accelerators

Integrating various Microsoft cloud solutions facilitates seamless data exchange, collaboration, and interoperability across departments and agencies.

ServiceNow Accelerators

Single version of truth for reporting and analytics, ensuring consistency and accuracy of data across various systems.


Delivering Value


Industries We Serve

Our approach is industry first. We decomplex digital for all enterprises.


Mastek’s public sector and government consulting services leverage the power of emerging technologies and help you solve the challenges of a changing world.


Mastek reimagines your technology choices and helps you build an agile, intelligent, high-performing healthcare system that delivers  long-term results.


Mastek’s agile digital retail technologies automate business-to-business (B2B) processes, drive efficiencies and transform the customer experience.

Financial Services

Mastek’s round-the-clock financial services and solutions support innovation and help you realise the benefits of the digital in finance.


Mastek’s innovative manufacturing services and solutions are taking the manufacturing industry into the next phase of accelerated growth and creating resilient systems of the future.

Creating Velocity

Creating Velocity

Decomplex Ideas

Decomplex your business with the Microsoft Engagement platform and enhance your digital self-service platform experience across departments