Expanding Operations for a Leading Public Health Agency with Oracle Cloud Solutions

About the Client

The client is an executive agency for the UK government with operational autonomy to advise and support the government, local authorities as well as other national and international agencies in a professionally independent manner. The customer employs over 7,000 staff members (full-equivalent), comprising scientists, researchers, lab workers, and public health professionals.

Products: Oracle SCM Cloud, Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle HCM Cloud

Industry: Public Sector, Healthcare

About the Project

​​​​​​With the changes in the macro circumstances (especially with global pandemic) there was a need for the customer to become a more agile and nimble organisation, who could respond very fast to the ever-changing macro situation. There was a growing need for meaningful and timely information at both operational and enterprise levels.

The organisation was keen to move up the maturity scale by implementing fast-paced and light-touch processes and systems that will improve data insight, and allow the decision-makers to make quick and effective data-driven decisions. Since the organisation was expanding and rapidly changing its traditional way of working, the client needed to adapt and transform into the cloud-first philosophy in terms of their technology choice.

Business Objectives

  • Increased focus and investment in workforce planning and the upcoming spending review.

  • Increased alignment of integrated planning of workforce, Financial and Spend.

  • Increased external reporting compliance (e.g., contingent worker reporting) and meeting financial obligations in terms of Audit compliance as well as budgeted vs actual spend.

  • The need for greater efficiency requires budget holders to have a greater understanding of the costs and cost drivers.

  • Reduced financial margins and laboratory staffing require modern inventory management and up to the minute costings.

  • Greater exposure to modern data analysis on a daily basis creates an expectation of joined-up, meaningful and instantaneous analysis based on real-time data.

  • The rollout of digital exemplar projects.

  • The need to do more with less leading to the need to spend less time on administration, data input, data interrogation, and duplicated interpretation.


  • The Mastek team designed an HR desk by adding minimal data into it in order to support Oracle ERP Cloud implementation. The HR desk ultimately became part of the organisation’s ticketing system.

  • Since the business is more diverse than ever with multiple drivers of cost and transactions, we implemented Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning for Self Service to increase employee engagement.

  • To reduce financial margins, the laboratory staffing required modern inventory management and up-to-minute costings. Implementing Supply Chain Execution would help the organisation easily draw insightful formation.


  • Mastek’ implementation of Oracle solutions improved data and increased insights of the business processes. The organisation could ensure comprehensive data capture, consolidate and integrate corporate data, enhance reporting and, hence, get their basics right.

  • Creating foresight became effortless. The customer has witnessed improvement in integrated planning in the form of integrated budgets reports. Stakeholders can now see the complete picture, including integration with operational data, productivity analysis, automated costings, and KPIs.