Mastek’s UCD team is a diverse community of user-centred design specialists, with a wide range of complementary approaches and tools to address your organisational and user objectives and priorities.

We’re experienced, agile and innovative, able to work across all stages in the development lifecycle or co-design a personalised solution alongside you.

We can provide end-to-end total-experience design, drop in a squad to a phase, or offer resource augmentation, strategic enablement services and coaching.

Resource augmentation, consultancy, coaching and mentoring

We’re agile, collaborative and trusted, with specific experience in healthcare, secure government and the private sector

  • End-to-end solutions – delivering across all project phases to live

  • Phase squad – a complete team handling one or more phases

  • Resource augmentation – one or more team members can join your team

  • Design lead augmentation – taking on a lead role for your project

  • Coaching and mentoring – standalone training or knowledge transfer

  • Deep insight, user journeys and story mapping

  • Interaction, prototyping and visual design

  • End-to-end service design

  • Content design and strategy

  • DesignOps and ResearchOps

  • Innovation workshops

  • Design thinking

Our teams have a wealth of experience across a range of sectors:

  • Home Office

  • Ministry of Defence

  • NHS England

  • Department of Work and Pensions

  • Private sector

Mastek integration

We work as individuals, teams, cross-functionally and alongside colleagues in the wider digital enablement team, as well as specialists in the following fields.

Oracle and enterprise apps

Data, automation and AI

Cloud enhancement services


Application engineering

Enterprise, solution and data architecture

Oracle and enterprise apps

Data, automation and AI

Cloud enhancement services


Application engineering

Enterprise, solution and data architecture

Moving forward, all operational transactions like Physical counting, GRN, put away, sub-inventory transfers etc will be performed either on Zebra Hand handled devices, Mobile Apps or directly on Oracle SCM Cloud. This project is completed as per the timelines without any quality compromise.

– Saurabh Bhatnagar
KCH Healthcare L.L.C

Reinvent Your Warehouse Operations and Capabilities to become Agile, Accurate and Automated

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Mastek leverages Oracle Cloud, integrating cutting-edge technologies for measurable business outcomes.

Building Trust

Building Trust

UCD in action

The team is built upon four specialisms

User research

User research establishes the ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘why’ – and any frustrations and pain points – of real users that interact with your processes, people and artefacts. It employs a range of qualitative and quantitative tools to get to the truth about the impact of your organisation on its audience, and establish the baseline for a useful, usable and satisfying solution.

User research is involved at all stages of projects, working to ensure that users’ stories and priorities persist, and that iterative testing is robust and unbiased. Finally, our team operates by an ethical mandate, and collaborates to protect everyone involved with the project against inadvertent harm.

Service design

Service design uses research and analysis to uncover your strategic goals and user needs, an approach that delivers measurably successful results through the orchestration of people, processes and technologies.

Service designers also employ co-design methodologies to build and empower relationships so teams are better able to collectively diagnose and solve problems.

Drawing on evidence and insight, service design envisions and designs end-to-end experiences, driving meaningful transformation across your entire organisation.

Interaction design

Interaction design is a human–computer interaction approach, aiming to optimise the user experience (emotionally and physically) between people and products (such as apps, chatbots or websites).

Interaction design’s goal is to – through an iterative test-and-learn process – help people achieve their objectives as seamlessly as possible across your organisation’s touchpoints, and to leave them feeling positive about their experience. This includes accessibility and inclusivity, and wider considerations of neurodivergence, fluctuating accessibility needs, dynamic disabilities and cultural and contextual considerations.

Content design

Content designers build on insight collected during user research and testing to figure out what information people need to solve their problems (in the context of an organisation’s goals).

They create information architectures and flow, build content models, plan language, tone and digital standards, create copy, and test and iterate to decide which words work best, and where. It can also define a governance approach to content management.

Also, content design plays a specific role in content accessibility and inclusivity, and supports with typography, content layout, and defining what success looks like.

System Demonstration

Leverage Oracle Cloud mastery, global support and advanced tech integration for transformative business solutions.

Delivering Value


Creating Velocity

Creating Velocity

Decomplex Ideas

Consultancy, coaching and end-to-end service transformation