ABS-CBN obtained robust reporting and budgeting capabilities with Oracle EPM Cloud

About Client

Alto Broadcasting System-Chronicle Broadcasting Network (ABS-CBN) Corporation is one of the largest media & entertainment organizations in the Philippines. The company is engaged in the creation and production of content for television, online and radio platforms. 

 Products: Oracle EPM Cloud 

Industry: Media & Entertainment


  • ABS-CBN wanted to develop a reporting system based on SAP as a source.

  • Report on parameters for which data wasn’t present directly viz. Division, LOB, Segments, and Projects.

  • Report based on a change in Nature of Accounts based on Nature of the Profit Center.

  • Decide on the standardized drivers for the complete organization.


  • The solution was designed considering SAP data as the source. It helped to process and integrate data as per the reporting requirements. Moreover, we created special tags and attributes to export data in the format required and defined by ABS-CBN.

  • Conducted sessions with the ABS-CBN teams to decide on the relevant drivers for their budgeting.


  • After the Oracle implementation, the reporting capabilities for ABS-CBN became robust and agile enough to:

    • Get instant reporting of P&L Statement and reports based on the data entered.

    • Provide quick forecast process.

    • Extract reports based on LOB, Segment, Division and Projects easily.

    • Helped with more detailed budget planning.

  • Oracle EPM Cloud implementation also helped in improving coordination between the Finance Budget team and Finance Officers during the process of budget creation. Hence, it improved their efficiency and productivity.

  • We helped them increase their productivity by reducing the manhours that went into report creation through automating the process customized to their needs.