Lower Cost of Sale and Raising Self-Service to 90%

10x cost savings from manual work to actualize data

About Client

Leading non-profit American publication for legally recognized standards of quality, purity, labeling for drug substances, dosage forms, and other therapeutic products


  • The client faced many challenges with data governance and data quality (DB links and redundant data copies) that minimized their ability to steer the business.   

  • Many disparate, complex data sources made integration costly.  Inconsistent data between sources lack of referential integrity and created  compounding issues throughout the business.


  • Mastek implemented Oracle Commerce Cloud to demonstrate tools capabilities

  • Identified key business cases and delivered a working solution in less than 6 weeks

  • Provided visibility to data lineage, eliminated redundant business logic, centralised data flow and empowered business owners with visibility, supported data cleansing and governance


  • Empowered the clients data developers with a cheaper and 10x faster solution than previous workflows

  • Provided derived views previously deemed “impossible” by the clients operational standards

  • Improved confidence in delivering accurate and governed data results 

  • Provided native connection to Tableau suite of reports for directors and upper management

  • Projected annual savings of over $457,000 due to reduction in manual effort


“I’m very proud of the work the entire team has done. Really excited to see how our stakeholders are swayed by the capability and see immediately how it can enable their work.”

Enterprise Architecture Director