Large education MIS solutions provider

Mastek developed a web-based cloud product suite to overcome challenges posed by the existing Windows-based solution.

About Client

Large education MIS solutions provider to 22,000+ UK schools, local education authorities, further and higher education.


  • Frequent changes to requirements caused regression failures, security vulnerabilities, performance issues and technical debt
  • Enterprise-based architecture changes made quality control and root cause analysis difficult



Its technology partner since 2006, Mastek developed and supported the product suite.

Our testing services covered:

  • Test automation to help achieve their CI-CD pipeline and vision
  • Continuous focus on quality including built-in quality (right code first time), unit test, integration test, system test and UAT
  • Source code analysis and fix, reducing technical debt
  • Exploratory testing used as part of functional testing
  • Sanity testing and fit-for-use check
  • Regressions testing, security tests, load testing and UAT support


  • 40% savings in testing cost 
  • Automation saved 60-70% regression effort 
  • Reduced technical debt 
  • 90% test pack automated
  • Load tests uncovered non-performant areas to be improvised

Award and Recognition

Winners of Excellence and Race to the Top Awards 

Program for maintaining Velocity and Quality benchmarks