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We enable modern brands to provide best-in-class customer experience over their preferred channels with commerce applications built on MACH principles whilst following headless and composable commerce approaches.

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Embrace Future of Commerce with MACH and Mastek’s Composable Commerce Solutions

Unpredictable market changes, rapidly evolving customer expectations, and disruptions on the technological front are some of the most pressing challenges faced by enterprises today. It is no longer about the responsiveness of the organization towards adjusting to the change. To remain relevant and maintain a competitive edge, organizations need to decide on an approach or application development framework that will provide them with value in the long run and enable them to deliver personalized customer experiences. This is where MACH principles and Mastek’s expertise in developing composable commerce applications comes into play.

What is MACH?

MACH stands for Microservices, API-first, Cloud native SaaS and Headless. With MACH – a flexible and modular architecture for applications – you can modify even the small building blocks of the solution without disrupting other functionalities and suit the specific needs of the customers. The applications are cloud-native and hence businesses can benefit from their scalability and agility. The MACH approach combined with best-of-the-breed SaaS platforms enable businesses to innovate faster and deliver consistent customer experience across all touchpoints.


A specific stand-alone piece of functionality that is independently designed, developed, deployed enabling faster deployment of new features.


All components of the system to be decoupled but at the same time be interconnected through Application Programming Interface (APIs) to deliver expected unified experience.

Cloud Native

All components to be developed and deployed leveraging cloud and SaaS based tools and infrastructure enabling seamless scalability, high performance, security, and hassle-free automatic upgrades.


Headless decouples the front-end from back-end enabling the businesses to create custom front ends that deliver unique and consistent experiences to their customers across multiple channels and devices.

Services Offered

Greenfield implementations

Commerce platform modernization

PWA Headless implementations

Architecture Review

Website performance audits

Managed services and Roadmap development

Our MACH & Composable Commerce Partners

Mastek's Composable Starter Store Built on MACH Principles

Mastek team brings in a wealth of experience, skills and innovation capabilities that steer you in the right direction of achieving significant business flexibility with modular MACH architecture.

Reduced TCO
Faster Go-Live
Reliable Architecture
Best Industry Practices

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