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Introducing our business application platform

Mastek is a trusted provider of comprehensive Azure hyper integration and Power BI consulting services. With our Azure integration expertise, we help to build new, integrated solutions that connect applications and services both on-premises and in the cloud. We enable you to expose your APIs to developers and create opportunities for new business models.

With our Power BI expertise, we assist businesses in making data driven decisions, improving operational efficiency, and identifying opportunities for growth and optimization.

Uncovering the Challenges Enterprises Face


  • Need for Omni Channel Enablement

  • Lack of Interoperability across the front and mid office

  • Inability to achieve Micro service control, monitoring and governance excellence

  • Lack of business agility

  • Inability to maintain a lower TCO in support and maintenance

Data Insights from Oracle ERP

  • Inability to understand, interpret, and communicate data and its significance

  • Inefficient data management and analysis

  • Lack of capability to connect to various data sources and create interactive reports and dashboards

  • Inability to identify irregularities at the earliest to take the necessary action

Services Overview

Mastek can help you implement and utilize ERP benefits in the IT landscape by seamlessly integrating modern digital apps for leveraging data and providin business insights.

Azure Hyper-Integration

  • ERP API: It works seamlessly with any scale, API, and host, allowing for the launch of secure and optimized APIs. It also provides better monitoring, management and insights into the APIs performance.

  • Azure service bus: This is a scalable and reliable enterprise messaging solution that develops scalable, reliable cloud solutions. Develop enterprise messaging platforms with complex message routing capabilities.

  • Azure logic apps: Automate workflows and orchestrate processes with cloud-based enterprise messaging, which facilitates the integration and connection of data between the cloud and on-premises deployments. It features a web-based workflow designer.

  • Azure event grid: Leverage an event-based publish-subscribe (pub-sub) model, which is simple and easy to use; build reliable apps through reactive programming; and enable product innovation.

Developing and modernising Together’s applications
Machine Learning to counter threats

Power BI solution for Oracle ERP

  • Power BI Desktop: Create, edit, and publish reports and visualizations using a rich set of data modelling and exploration features.

  • Power BI service (Online SaaS Software): The Power BI service, accessible through a web browser, provides a cloud-based platform for sharing, collaborating, and managing your reports and dashboards.

  • Power BI mobile apps easy accessibility: We provide support to access your data and reports anytime, anywhere at your convenience.

  • Robotic process automation: Automate repetitive and manual tasks, reduce human effort and increase operational efficiency.

  • Intelligent Document processing /IDP and IDP+: Power BI supports intelligent document processing by extracting and analyzing valuable information from unstructured documents. IDP+ extends this capability with advanced features such as natural language processing and sentiment analysis

  • Smart Digital Assistants: Easily interact with your data through voice commands and natural language queries.

Benefits of Azure Hyper-Integration & Power BI solution for Oracle ERP

Azure Hyper-Integration

  • Import and publish APIs: Import existing APIs and publish them for consumption, enabling seamless integration with external systems and partners

  • Create and publish product: Create API products that bundle multiple APIs together, providing a unified interface for developers and facilitating the monetization and management of your APIs

  • Transform and Protect data: Protect sensitive data and ensure secure communication between systems

  • Monitor published APIs:Monitor the performance and usage of your published APIs, providing valuable insights and analytics to track their effectiveness and identify areas for optimization

  • Debug and Trace APIs:Diagnose and resolve issues in your APIs, easily track the flow of data and identify any bottlenecks or errors

  • Manage revision and version control:Manage revisions and versions of your APIs

Developing and modernising Together’s applications
Machine Learning to counter threats

Power BI solution for Oracle ERP

  • Data Insights: It enables you to transform unrelated sources of data into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights

  • Data connectors: Easily connect to your data sources, perform data cleaning and modeling tasks your data, all without affecting the underlying source

  • Sharing of data: Share data with anyone, ensuring efficient collaboration and information dissemination

  • Multiple channels: It is accessible across a variety of devices, including phones and tablets, ensuring you can stay connected

  • Build templates: Customers can use this to connect and interact within their own accounts, fostering a personalized and tailored experience

  • Notification: Receive notifications on variances, trends, and KPIs on the reports you are working on

Expertise and Experience

Our Team

Azure + Bizapps resources

Extensive experience across industries

Proven track record of successful projects

Our Process

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  • Identify your specific integration requirements of Azure hyper integration

  • Understand your data sources and challenges for Power BI

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Solution Design

Azure Hyper-Integration:
  • Develop a scalable architecture

  • Develop seamless integration between various applications and services on-premises and in the cloud

Power BI solution for Oracle ERP:
  • Develop a customized Power BI strategy

  • Design data models and visualizations

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  • Integrate Azure hyper integration into your existing systems

  • Ensure seams integration across application and services

  • Integrate Power BI into your existing systems

  • Ensure data accuracy and reliability

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Training and Support

  • Provide comprehensive user training

  • Ongoing support and maintenance

Decomplex Digital with Microsoft Azure Hyper Integration and Microsoft Power BI

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