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Experience the freedom to innovate at dramatically reduced costs with Mastek’s Oracle PaaS solution - an integrated cloud platform to develop, test, and deploy applications on demand without maintaining the associated infrastructural overheads.

Leverage off-the-shelf components built with cutting-edge technologies like AI, chatbots, blockchain, and IoT, to accelerate productivity and develop unmatched capabilities.

For operational excellence, our Oracle PaaS services help you gain never-before efficiency with innovative tools and features like big data analytics, systems management, content management, data management, and cloud security.

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Why Mastek?

With industry-leading technical excellence, Mastek provides a comprehensive portfolio of Oracle PaaS solutions to drive speed, agility, and innovation at significantly lowered costs.


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Success Stories

London Borough of Lambeth becomes the first Public Sector Organisation to be Live on an End-to-End Oracle Cloud Suite

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One of the world's largest association for diabetes prevention and cure reduces cost and time during recruitment process by migrating from On-prem Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud

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Our PaaS Solutions

Track and manage the productivity of your workforce with Mastek’s innovative Workforce Scheduler that enables you to plan and validate rosters interactively. The solution is pre-integrated with Oracle HCM, Payroll, and projects for comprehensive operational efficiency.


  • Different needs for different business units.

  • High overtime with zero to low tracking of staff.

  • No understaffed or overstaffed visibility.

  • Too many integrations with HCM, payroll, projects, making the process complex.

  • Manual biometric integrations.

  • Shift Manager spends a long time managing the employee's shift.


  • EWS is equipped with various roster solutions to support varied business needs such as spot rostering, auto roster, rota, etc.

  • Managers can track their staff on the same roster screen and validate their roster against work time guidelines to see various indicators like under/over staff, overtime, etc.

  • Pre-Integrated with Oracle HCM, payroll, and projects.

  • In-built clocking solutions can be easily integrated with the biometric system.

  • The user-friendly interface allows the roster to be managed with just a couple of clicks.

Notable Features

  • Interactive dashboard that gives you the pulse of your workforce.

  • An employee mobile app enabling employees to view their roster information.

  • Auto roster can help manage the demand-supply of the resources and provides suggestions for scheduling tasks based on availability, preferences, deadlines, and more.

Value to Customer

  • Managers can focus on their staff's productivity rather than doing admin work like managing rosters, timesheets.

  • "Roster Validations" helps managers reduce overtime and overscheduling.

  • Hassle-free integrations with 3rd party applications, existing systems, etc.

  • Mobile solutions for employee and manager self-services.

Leverage our Oracle PaaS Solution for Property and Equipment Maintenance to seamlessly schedule, track, and update property and equipment maintenance work requests and gain critical insights with interactive reporting.


  • Disarray in the assets and openwork order requests of assets or equipment maintenance.

  • Improper execution of work order and no tracking.

  • No under

  • Delay, penalties & disputes within organization/customers for equipment maintenance.


  • Maintain assets hierarchy.

  • Proper tracking of work orders.

  • Conduct property-wise work order status and evaluation.

  • Proper scheduling of equipment maintenance.

  • Easy accessing and updating of maintainable assets' master data.

Value to Customer

  • Proper tracking for maintenance work request.

  • Tracking the progress of technician.

  • Manage escalations.

  • Proper closure of maintenance work request with feedback.

  • Key interactive reporting.

Manage approvals anytime, anywhere with Mastek’s unified Oracle PaaS Solution for Approval Management across all business transactions. The engine is equipped with AI chatbots for comprehensive support and has the intelligence to flag exceptions based on business policies. Gain the advantage of deep insights and detailed transaction reports to make informed business decisions.


  • Bottlenecks during business transactions and processes due to lag in approvals.

  • Limited integrations between different departments which obstructs communication, and delays in approvals.

  • Limited view and insights for the approver to make an informed decision.

  • Inbox flooding due to pending approvals.

  • Limited in-built exception rules.


  • A unified approval management apps for financials, projects, procurements, SCM, and HCM which supports all legitimate approval actions including RFI, Delegation, etc.

  • To improve accessibility, this application is available as both mobile-based and web-based applications.

  • Access to a detailed transaction report for more insights.

  • AI-enabled with chatbot support.

Notable Features

  • Inbuilt smart exceptions which can be configured as per the business processes and requirements.

  • Quick approvals for faster actions and supports approver's vacation rule.

  • Includes smart exceptions such as:

    • Unadjusted Debit/Credit memos for Vendor Payment.

    • Payment terms overrides on Vendor Invoice against Vendor Master Records.

    • Payment terms overrides on Vendor Invoice against Vendor Master Records.

    • Flag for using Non-Contracted Vendors for PO.

    • Highlight overlapping absences for employees on same Job.

Value to Customer

  • Save time and efforts in managing approval system.

  • Build a robust approval process with smart exceptions and using AI tools.

  • Get real-time information on your mobile and web device.

  • Access notification attachments from anywhere, anytime.

Mastek's Property Management Solution streamlines the complete sales lifecycle of property leasing, from inquiry to possession, seamlessly converting customers from prospects and automatically managing property leases and rent schedules. Full integration with Oracle Cloud Receivables consolidates invoicing and revenue recognition.


  • Managing of the initial information of prospective client/buyer and their preferences.

  • Manually trying to match the available properties with prospect's preference and requirements.

  • Scheduling of the onsite visits based on the common availability of both agents as well as the client.

  • Keeping a track of all historical transactions of the clients.


  • A single application to manage the complete life cycle of the property and lease management.

  • It streamlines a prospect's inquiries in properties, converts prospects into customers, manage properties, lease history, and rent schedules online.

  • With its tight integrations to Oracle Cloud Receivables (Financial) for customer billing and revenue recognition work just as a subledger of Oracle to provide an integrated business process management.

Notable Features

  • Lease dashboard gives them a comprehensive report on the payables and receivables of your business.

  • Lease occupancy report provides a detailed report of the current vacancy rate and the popular property among the clients. Such insights can help you make data-driven decisions and plan for the upcoming quarters.

Value to Customer

  • Enables seamless collaboration between various departments such as sales representatives, sales team, agents, property managers, finance users or accountants and billing specialists.

  • Have a bird's eye view on the deal progression.

  • Helps saves time of your employees as well as your clients on scheduling and searching the right property.

Create a single repository to automatically record Letters of Credit (LC), Letters of Guarantees (LG), and Loans with automatic management of compliance requirements and role-based security to manage all the business processes effectively.


  • No centralized repository for LC, LG, short term and long-term loans.

  • No tracking of balances against the bank facilities.

  • Excessive penalty and interest due to non-compliance of banking and business terms.


  • Single repository to record LC, LG, and bank finances.

  • Security for using the facility for suppliers specific for particular project and organization.

  • Maintaining automated status to meet the compliance requirements.

  • Interactive dashboard for bank facilities.

Notable Features

  • It is tightly coupled with Oracle Purchasing, Oracle Accounts Payables, Oracle General Ledger, Oracle Cash Management to ensure that all the transactions get created in appropriate module for right accounting/informational requirements.

  • Some of the key features of this application includes:

    • LC issue against purchase orders

    • AP Invoice Payments against the LC

    • Manage LC

    • Track expiry dates for guarantee & LC

    • Manage loans & its repayment schedules

Value to Customer

  • Tracking for all different type of bank facilities.

  • Save penalty and interest by meeting compliances.

  • Proper forecast for future need of bank finance based on current availabilities.

Eliminate the challenge of managing real estate or construction subcontractors with Mastek's Subcontract Management system– an all-inclusive solution to handle every subcontracting process, from managing the scope of work to invoicing and payments.


  • Misalignment with the subcontractors concerning handling scope of work, variation order, penalties, etc.

  • Delay in submission of application for payments.

  • Payments applications are done through excel where it is easy to manipulate data and no facility to have concrete proofs.

  • No control over charging penalty, charges, and retention as per contract terms.


  • A single application for tracking down all POs to Receipts to Invoice to Payments.

  • Smooth handling of penalty, retentions and other charges.

  • End to end flow linked with Oracle Financial applications like Purchasing, Accounts Payables giving a seamless experience of business interactions.

  • A dedicated portal for contractors to review their activity & initiate transactions/queries cutting down lot of unnecessary communications over emails, messages, and phone calls.

  • Variation order handling.

Value to Customer

  • Proper tracking on all applications from the sub-contractors from payments.

  • Approval driven integrations with Finance system ensures zero error in the payment, receipts, invoice approvals.

  • Capable of integration with 3rd party system to comply with government regulations.

Mastek's IDP+ is an innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to automate audited vendor invoice processing that leverages AI and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tools and custom-trained Machine Learning models to gather, extract, and verify data. Seamless integration with ERP accelerates performance and enhances data accuracy.


  • Manual process to onboard suppliers such as collecting required documents, and then entering in the system. At most times, manual addition of data is prone to mistyping of information, spelling errors, and sometimes even duplication of records.

  • Poor or no visibility in the process of collection, approvals, raising invoice, and receipts.

  • Tracking of communication and inquiries over emails. Lack of centralized system to record key communication.


  • SaaS solution for efficient and audited automated vendor invoice processing enabled with pre-trained ML models for data extraction. It has the ability for custom-trained ML model to support extraction for additional fields as required by business such as Tax codes, BACS detail.

  • Automate vendor exceptions and approvals based on your business needs and requirements.

  • Using OCR, ML and AI tools to automatically capture, extract and validate information to be added in a centralized repository with accuracy.

Notable Features

  • Three-step advanced transformation engine to manage complex data derivation such as Business rules to manage PO matched & non-PO matched invoice data transformation.

  • Real time data validation against ERP master records such as different remittance info in invoice against master records, different payment terms in invoice against master records and many others.

  • Incomplete invoice routing based on teams pending task. It supports invoice approval workflow per business logic ex. Cost Center manager approvals.

Value to Customer

  • Reduce paperwork and manual processing of invoices, leading to increased productivity, efficiency.

  • An opportunity for the Account Payable team to reduce the tedious, repetitive work and focus on more strategic tasks such as forecasting, strengthening relationships with your suppliers, data analysis and regular cleaning of the master database. These tasks can be a major driver in your business growth and increasing its value.

Gain complete control of warehouse management and shop-floor transactions with Warehouse 360 integrated with Oracle Cloud SCM for 360-degree visibility and real-time management of every challenge.


  • One of the most crucial challenges of Supply Chain Management (SCM) is communication. Effective communication is required to ensure that the shipments are delivered without delays.

  • There is no set process to check inventory status, accuracy, and tracking while taking orders.

  • Absence of a centralized repository to track the shipment movement and delivery.

  • Lack of checks for quality control while packing, labeling, delivery.


  • A web-based and mobile-based application to track each movement of the stock in the warehouse during its complete SCM lifecycle.

  • Integrated with Oracle SCM Cloud that makes the process smoother.

  • Provides an end-to-end flow of processes involving inbound transactions like a stock on hand, receiving transactions, sub-inventory transfers; pick-up and shipping transactions; label printing.

  • Certain functionalities are available in offline mode to ensure the process is not incomplete in areas of poor connectivity.

Notable Features

  • Real-time tracking of your purchase orders, warehouse inventory, stock movement, delivery and receipts, invoice processing.

  • Actionable dashboards and customizable reports provide details on changes in orders, emergency shipments, and other crucial transactions, all in a mobile application.

Value to Customer

  • Increased collaboration between every department involved helping a smooth process.

  • Reduced labor costs in the warehouse by optimizing the available labor and planning well ahead aided by the reports generated by the application.

  • Capability to make informed decisions on restocking or destocking the warehouse.

Industry Vertical focused PaaS solutions

Financial Services

  • Bank Facility Management

  • Future Currency/Commodities Contract

  • Customer Invoice Status Tracker

Real Estate

  • Smart Desk – Facility Maintenance

  • Property Management and Leasing application

Healthcare / Hospitality / Services

  • Workforce Scheduler – Shift Management

  • Visa Management

  • Fleet Management – Vehicle / Driver Management

Engineering & Construction / Oil & Gas

  • Workforce Scheduler

  • Project Snag list

  • Checklist

  • Smart Desk - Asset and Plant Maintenance

  • Asset Transfer Request

  • Construction Sub contracting

Other PaaS Solutions

  • Smart HR Self Services

  • Travel Ticket Request

  • Business Trip Request

  • Expense Claim

  • Letter of Request

  • Easy Interface for Oracle Cloud Integrations


Recognition by Gartner Magic Quadrant 2022 for Oracle Cloud Applications Services for the fourth consecutive year.
Global HCM Cloud Partner of the Year award at Oracle OpenWorld, 2019
Global Cloud ERP Partner of the Year award at Oracle OpenWorld, 2017
Finalist for The ERP Today Awards in the 'Transformation Project of the Year' category for 2021
Recognized by Grant Thornton as one of the Top five fastest-growing Indian companies in the UK for 2020-21

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