Mastek’s multidisciplinary UK consultancy team provides experienced, qualified people and trusted solutions – across the digital transformation supply chain, from strategy to delivery – to identify and solve business problems, optimise operations and design user-centred, technically robust outcomes.

Our specialists have the expertise, processes and tools to deliver innovative and measurably successful, human-centred transformation and value, whether the challenge is frontstage, backstage or systemic.

Making a measurable difference

We’re agile, flexible and adaptable, with trusted expertise in secure government, healthcare, private and third sectors

  • Optimised efficiency – workflows, processes and automation

  • Customer satisfaction uplift – retention, ROI/E and conversion

  • Higher fidelity insight – defining solutions and measuring success

  • Improved staff performance – productivity, wellbeing and recruitment

  • Clearer reporting – governance and intra-departmental transparency

  • Enterprise, solution and technical architecture

  • UCD: research, discovery and design

  • Operational and process optimisation, alignment and transformation

  • Coaching and advisory services

  • Business analysis

  • Inception workshops

Our teams have a wealth of experience across a range of sectors, enabling us to drive innovation from within delivery:

  • Secure and local government
  • Home Office
  • Defence
  • DWP
  • HMRC
  • Healthcare/hospitality

  • Third sector

  • Engineering and construction

  • Banking, financial services and investments

  • Retail, utilities, oil and gas, automotive, telecoms, etc

Why Mastek ?

We work as individuals, teams, cross-functionally and alongside colleagues in the wider digital enablement team, as well as specialists in the following fields.


Years’ experience


Customers served




Repeat business


Years’ experience


Customers served




Repeat business

Moving forward, all operational transactions like Physical counting, GRN, put away, sub-inventory transfers etc will be performed either on Zebra Hand handled devices, Mobile Apps or directly on Oracle SCM Cloud. This project is completed as per the timelines without any quality compromise.

– Saurabh Bhatnagar
KCH Healthcare L.L.C

Reinvent Your Warehouse Operations and Capabilities to become Agile, Accurate and Automated

WH360 Benefits

Our Other Innovation Partners

Problems We Solve

Mastek leverages Oracle Cloud, integrating cutting-edge technologies for measurable business outcomes.

Building Trust

Building Trust

What we do

User-centred design, process excellence and architecture as a service

User-centred design (UCD)

UCD puts people (within the context of your strategic goals) at the heart of diagnosis and solution-finding. It combines a number of disciplines – user research, service design, interaction design and content design – to establish and address your user’s wants, needs and problems; going on to iteratively design and test potential solutions.

The UCD team provides end-to-end or ad-hoc consultancy, coaching, or resource augmentation; and – underpinned by ethical design thinking – ensures that your organisational and user goals are fulfilled based on insight, empathy and innovation.

Process excellence

PEx analyses your business, making operational assessments and efficiency recommendations around processes, systems, intra- and inter-departmental bottlenecks, and software.

PEx provides business improvement services – for specific process issues or end-to-end – to drive sustainable cost-reduction efforts through process reengineering, optimisation and automation.

Enterprise and solution architecture

AaaS interrogates your technical objectives, identifying where you’re at and the problems to be solved; it then sets out solutions and exactly what you need to do to get there.

We can come in at the enterprise or solution levels, delivering maturity assessments, governance frameworks, practice formation and optimisation, enterprise baselining, gap analysis and strategic planning through to solution definition.

You can pick from a catalogue of services based on your requirements or we will engage depending on the scenario – for example, review an existing setup and find a solution; build a new architectural capability; augment your team; or put a troubled program back on track.

Managed services

Mastek provides managed service capability across our portfolio of clients and services in the public and private sectors. We integrate our service delivery end-to-end, using standardised Agile and ITIL v4 aligned processes, and a blend of methodologies, to develop and deliver faster, more stable services.

We assure quality of service against agreed performance measures, and identify opportunities for continual service improvement to ensure that services continue to provide value for money, responsiveness, flexibility, and safeguarded operations for critical national infrastructure.

The above are underpinned by our Agile Service Management (ASM) framework, which provides a single operating model for the delivery of both Mastek and third party services.

System Demonstration

Leverage Oracle Cloud mastery, global support and advanced tech integration for transformative business solutions.

Delivering Value


Creating Velocity

Creating Velocity

Decomplex Ideas

Consultancy, coaching and end-to-end service transformation