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Why You Need Quality Engineering Services Assessment? 

With the evolution of IT, software testing services have come a long way from being regarded as a support function to being one of the most critical enablers of business outcomes and customer satisfaction. Due to rapid innovation in technology and the way business works, testing services need to align with its fast-changing ecosystem. To stay relevant there is an urgent need to institutionalize best practices and cutting-edge technologies for testing. This ensures that the system and processes of testing are relevant and available to support business needs. Interpretation of maturity is subjective, need of the hour is an assessment framework that responds quickly to dynamic priorities and helps define small steps towards increasing the maturity of the enterprise testing.

Quality Engineering Assessment

Redesign Your Application Testing Landscape with QCheck Test Maturity Assessment

QCheck, Mastek's robust test assessment framework, enables businesses to evaluate the testing landscape & identify improvement opportunities. It gauges the effectiveness of an organization’s testing practices to ensure holistic business outcomes. Based on the assessment findings, Mastek specialists define the transformation agenda as a roadmap to achieve testing efficiency goals.

QCheck - An Indispensable Part of Your IT Strategy

Advanced Technology & Industry Experience

The assessment helps understand trends and revamps the testing journey. This is accompanied by thought-provoking ideas that transform theories into real solutions.

Coherent and Improved Insights

Comparison with industry peers, as well as understanding the strategic value of testing within the overall ecosystem.

Expert Consultants

The assessment is carried out by thought leaders who combine the power of experience, innovation and deep understanding of the industry.

Flexible Scope

Acknowledging the dynamic priorities of the business the assessment framework is designed to accommodate all range of valuation scope from an individual engagement to critical portfolio to the entire enterprise.

Actionable Recommendations

Access to a wealth of industry best-practices and experience, innovation, and the support of an expert team ensures that the recommendations can be implemented with real benefits.

Dipstick Survey

A condensed version of QCheck offers quick insight into the testing landscape that prioritizes short-term actions for improvement.

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