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Enfolding immense experience in DevSecOps implementation, Mastek has been a key differentiator in helping various organizations by offering DevSecOps Services across geographies and building a cultural base on trust and engagement. Our DevSecOps services have helped customers achieve many benefits including modernization of the existing legacy system for a mortgaged farm, improvement in application rollout time for a retail supply chain, auto-deployment strategy for credit and digital provider of consumer finance and saving on testing costs and regression efforts with reduced technical debt for a leading home credit provider.

Leading DevSecOps Services & Solutions

Mastek is a key enabler of DevSecOps solutions across various industries by delivering projects with increased velocity and reduced deployment timeline; adopting DevSecOps culture; customizing CI/CD framework to address specific needs, etc.

With our DevSecOps services, we have successfully enabled our customers with the 4C's (Cloud, Clusters, Containers, and Code) of Cloud Native security. Our comprehensive assessment approach is designed to empower organizations on their DevSecOps journey.

Start your journey of Software Security with our DevSecOps services. Leverage our DevSecOps consulting expertise to evaluate your software delivery approach and generate valuable insights on creating a DevSecOps culture, innovating faster, and securing by design ideas.

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Industry-leading Business Outcomes for Clients Across Verticals

Cost reduction
Reduction in testing time
Increase in Revenue
Increase in Delivery Velocity

Why Mastek?

Reduced Go to Market

  • 25% improvement in application rollout

  • 60% of developers are able to release code 2x faster

  • 15% increase in fraud detection

Intelligent Operations

  • System availability is 24/7 with 100% SLA compliance

  • Automated asset tracking

Customer Empowerment

  • Inter and Intra department apps for collaboration & productivity

  • Deep dive with customers for DevSecOps Culture Change

Adaptive Security

  • Continuous Assessment of Risk & Trust

  • Zero-Trust Architecture

  • Security as Code Mindset

Our DevSecOps Service Offerings


  • Consultative DevSecOps Assessment (Exemplar)

  • DevSecOps Strategy & Migration Roadmap


  • Adopt Agile & DevSecOps Behaviors

  • Wholesome DevSecOps with CelerOps – Pipelines

  • Setup/Modernize - Refactor, Package, Deploy Operate, Enable Containerization


  • Integrate Security at Each Stage of DevOps security

  • IAST, SAST, and DAST to Scan Vulnerabilities

  • Container Security Analysis & Vulnerability Management

  • Threat Modeling and Report Generation

  • Secure with Native & Cloud Platforms

  • Prismo Integration with Existing DevOps Estate


  • Enterprise-wide DevSecOps - Established Centre of Excellence

  • Deliver Industrialized Agile with Continuous Improvements in Security, Exploration, Integration, Testing, Deployment, Monitoring, and Operations

  • Cloud Enhancement Services and Value-based Analytics

Our DevSecOps Partner Ecosystem

Penta technology
Automation Logic

Success Story UK-based NHS adopts a unified set of collaboration tooling to increase productivity, efficiency and consistency across T&T

DevSecOps - FAQs

  • DevSecOps Services help you leverage an approach that uses culture, process, and tools to increase efficiency, speed, and security to deliver applications. The software development lifecycle (SDLC) isn’t complete until the product/solution is used by the end user. It is imperative for every team member to continuously work towards completing the SDLC in a short time.

  • DevOps is a mindset adopted by development & operations teams, which is further enabled by Agile Culture, Engineering practices for each SDLC stage & automation built on tools within the areas of Build, Test, Deploy & Release.

  • The key principles of DevSecOps are:

    • Psychological safety to embrace failure and learn from it

    • Collaborative culture

    • An attitude of shared responsibility

    • Transparency

    • Automation is a cornerstone

    • Frequent releases

    • Continuous improvement

    • Customer centric approach

    • Practice continuous feedback

    • “We build it, we run it” approach

    • “Shift left” and fail fast focus

    • It encourages good security hygiene

    • It helps in developing high-quality products without compliance issues

    • Security does not remain an afterthought

    • It will avoid security breaches that may result in significant financial losses

    • It reduces delay in go-to-market

    • Reduces operational cost

    • Stay ahead of the competition

    • DevSecOps is a solution which organizations can purchase and deploy

    • Organizations lose control when they move to DevSecOps

    • DevSecOps is just a fix in your legacy security tooling

    • DevSecOps replaces automation testing

    • DevSecOps approach is the same for all the organizations

  • DevSecOps approach is all about implementing security at all stages of DevOps - Plan, Code, Build, Test, Release, Deploy, Monitor and Operate. It further includes Thread Modelling, Zero Trust Architecture, Defense in Depth, SAST, IAST, DAST & RASP to manage vulnerability from the start.

  • DevSecOps is used across all the industries that develop custom software. Also, it is an application that applies to companies using COTS (commercial off the shelf) products. DevSecOps increases software development efficiency, speed and security.

  • Yes, because when it comes to DevSecOps, security is considered an important element right from the start of the SDLC. DevSecOps helps in reducing the cost of implementing security and shortens the time to market.

  • DevSecOps best practices include:

    • Shift left approach and fail fast focus

    • Shared information and mutual responsibility

    • Continuous integration

    • Continuous delivery

    • Continuous deployment

    • Continuous feedback

    • Continuous security

    • Automated testing

    • Automated dashboards for continuous monitoring

    • Integrated configuration management

    • Infrastructure as code

    • Configuration as code

    • Containerization as code

    • Microservice architecture

Leverage our DevSecOps services to develop secure software at the speed of DevOps and Agile. Deliver better, more-secure code faster and economically to your end users.

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