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With our expertise in Digital & Application Engineering services, we can help you achieve your digital journey at speed and with scale. We provide services to build your API ecosystems, modernize legacy systems with new age digital technology platforms using micro-services, migrate to cloud platforms, and assure quality delivery with integrated DevSecOps approach.

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Reduction in release deployment duration
Improvement in deployment frequency
Annual savings in build and deployment costs
Faster ROI
Reduction in testing time
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Our Domain and Technology experts can help you strategize transition of your existing IT landscape to industry specific digital platforms in phased manner mapped to business objectives with incremental benefits.

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Application Modernization

Our Digital Application Services enable you to modernise your existing applications and systems through platform refresh, system integration, low code development and micro services based refactoring. The transformation of your existing services would allow you to become a truly customer-centric organisation.

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Cloud Services

Our experts will help you embrace cloud platforms to accelerate your digital transformation agenda from migration to cloud native (PaaS, SaaS) by delivering your end-to-end cloud journey based on our ready to use assets and accelerators for Azure, AWS and GCP.

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Digital Quality Engineering

Our Quality Engineering services reimagine QA for you by employing an end-to-end ecosystem with intelligent and automated QA processes. We merge deep industry expertise, compelling partnership with innovation that elevates customer experience and power their digital transformation.

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Our champions will guide your teams to achieve agility across your entire business with complete automation of software delivery with secured CI/CD pipelines.

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Success Stories

Operate more efficiently and stay ahead of the competition by embracing our most promising industry-leading Digital & Application Engineering services

The unquestionable role of intelligent automation in healthcare

Adopting a business focused approach to application development and modernisation helps you to build critical capabilities that support business goals.

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Service design to​ optimise experience

Service design and discovery closes the gap between technical expertise and usability to create services that meets users’ needs.

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Flexible IT systems for VISA verification

Deliver flexible, digitally driven IT systems and processes that support UK visas and immigration, enforcement and border force.

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Our Digital Engineering Partner Ecosystem


Case Study

Developing and modernising Together’s applications

Adopting a business focused approach to application development and modernisation helps you to build critical capabilities that support business goals.
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Transform, Package & Deploy faster and secure with DevSecOps

It is time to take complete advantage of its agility and responsiveness by including security as an integral part of the entire app life cycle.
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The DevOps Pathfinder

Whether you are contemplating a major DevOps transformation or a modest improvement to your current software delivery pipeline, you should assess where you stand, how far you have already progressed and what challenges remain.
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The Critical Value of DevSecOps in the Public Sector

DevOps processes and principles have gained wide acceptance across the industry, but the newer concept of DevSecOps is still only a buzzword to many.
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