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From Artificial Intelligence to Accelerated Innovation

These days, it's all about creating customer experiences that connect with clients and thus promote leads and customer loyalty. Artificial Intelligence can be utilised to understand what exactly your customers and potential customers expect from your and your competitor's work fabric and your engagement landscape. Our platform will help you decode your digital customer experience strategy in the simplest of forms. After all, that’s what we stand for – Decomplexing Digital.

Mastek icxPro is a customer experience management platform that helps businesses continually analyse, understand, and responsibly engage with consumer behaviours. Its innate AI capabilities will help you enhance self-service across various channels, automate campaigns and drive insights for a seamless human-agent support experience.

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Why Should Mastek icxPro Be a Part of Your Digital Customer Experience Strategy?

Mastek icxPro utilises the data collected by your handles across channels to demarcate and derive insights to help you thrive in a world that's changing fast. From consumer behaviours and market trends to competitive dynamics and economic outlook, Mastek icxPro supports all aspects of your businesses' marketing transformation.

Intelligent Conversation

  • Customer can search, select, customize and order on this platform

  • Real time resolution of FAQs, Complaints can be expedited

Omni-channel Customer Experience

  • Customer can land onto conversation via social media, Google Ads/Maps including website/app

  • Promotional Campaigns, Discounts/Offers, Loyalty programs can be run across all the channels with real time conversations

Customer Service Management with Agent Support

  • Real time hand-off between customer and agent takes place

  • Agent, Supervisor will be able to view conversations along with sourcing of profile details in real time

Business Benefits

Customer experience automation with convenient services and personalised journeys
Omnichannel presence and deliverables
Development of new products in line with customer requirements
Ease in decision-making of ongoing strategies and development of new ones
Reduced market research costs
Ensured data-security

Leverage intelligent cx automation to identify revenue opportunities and build customer loyalty

Transform your business

Unlock AI for Your Business

Artificial Intelligence is the next-gen power tool for businesses. Coupled with technologies like Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, it can be used to overhaul your connection with customers and help operate more efficiently. The data collected across your website, social media, and other channels can fuel cutting-edge personalization efforts and provide a holistic view of the customer. Mastek helps enterprises ease the data collection and analysis process, ensuring lead creation and their sales transformation - taking your marketing game to a whole new level.

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